Safety and Security

Security screening

Australian Government regulations specify that all passengers must go through a security screening point before boarding a flight.

Our focus is to provide efficient screening processes that show respect for all passengers, while at the same time assuring the highest level of security standards are maintained.

You are responsible for keeping track of your own possessions when you pass through the screening point. We suggest that you put your valuables, such as wallet, passport, jewellery and camera, in your bag before arriving at the screening point.

If walk-through detector alarms go off during screening passengers will be subject to further screening before being cleared for travel. This may include the removal of various outer garments, including headwear or footwear, which can have a metal brace in the instep that activates alarms. If alarms continue to sound passengers may be asked to undergo a physical search.

If, for religious or other personal reasons, passengers do not wish to undergo these screening processes in public, they may request that screening occurs in a private room.

Explosive Trace Detection machines are in use at Christmas Island Airport. Passengers and baggage may be tested at check-ins or screening points at any time.

Unattended baggage

Baggage must never be left unattended in public areas. All such baggage will be treated as suspicious. All belongings should be clearly tagged with your contact details and your destination displayed on the outside. Airlines supply luggage tags for this purpose and are available at the check-in counters. Ensure that you pack your own bags and never take items on board an aircraft for other people.

Security related threats

Passengers and airport visitors are warned that all threats and comments made about the carrying of weapons or explosives – whether intended as a joke or not – will be taken seriously and may result in refusal of carriage onto the flight and prosecution by law enforcement.

Dangerous goods

Please ensure you do not carry any flammable liquids, gases or other dangerous goods with you or in your luggage.

These items are not permitted on the aircraft as they are capable of posing a significant risk to health and safety when transported by air. Such items will be removed by security staff when detected.

Further information on dangerous goods can be found by downloading the CASA Dangerous Goods app.

Prohibited items in hand luggage

Bladed implements such as knives and tools are prohibited in hand luggage.  These items should instead be packed in your checked luggage for air travel. For an up to date list of prohibited items please follow the link below:

What you cannot take onboard

If these items are not surrendered at the screening points the passenger is in breach of Australian Government regulations and the airline will not allow the passenger to travel. Please ensure no items are in your hand luggage before reaching the screening point otherwise detection of these items at screening points will require you to surrender these.